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Autism is Hereditary and I’m a Mutant

One thing that makes me mad is when people ignore good science.  I say good science, because there is a lot of bad, kooky, and pseudoscience that is circumnavigating the Internet and, despite all the evidence to the contrary, people still believe in the junk.

One current junk science belief is that vaccinations cause autism.  They don’t.

Autism displays itself in some infants before they receive their first vaccines.  I was one of those infants.

What people are ignoring is that autism is probably a genetic mutation and is passed from one generation to the next.  In my case, my mother’s side has generational depression and anxiety, while my father’s father passed his dyslexia onto many of his descendants.  My parents’ genetics combined with their life stresses mixed in my utero soup led to my ASD (autism spectrum disorder).

Mental health professionals agree with my thoughts about hereditary ASD.  JAMA Psychiatry recently published, “Association of Genetic and Environmental Factors With Autism in a 5-Country Cohort.”

The test group consists of 2,001, 631 individuals, 51.3% were male and 22,156 were diagnosed with ASD.  The people in the test group were from Denmark, Western Australia, Israel, Sweden, and Finland. The researchers discovered that ASD is 80% hereditary.  Read the official results:

“The median (95% CI) ASD heritability was 80.8% (73.2%-85.5%) for country-specific point estimates, ranging from 50.9% (25.1%-75.6%) (Finland) to 86.8% (69.8%-100.0%) (Israel). For the Nordic countries combined, heritability estimates ranged from 81.2% (73.9%-85.3%) to 82.7% (79.1%-86.0%). Maternal effect was estimated to range from 0.4% to 1.6%. Estimates of genetic, maternal, and environmental effects for autistic disorder were similar with ASD.”

And the official conclusion:

“Based on population data from 5 countries, the heritability of ASD was estimated to be approximately 80%, indicating that the variation in ASD occurrence in the population is mostly owing to inherited genetic influences, with no support for contribution from maternal effects. The results suggest possible modest differences in the sources of ASD risk between countries.”

I love it!  I love it!  I love it!

BAM!  ASD is passed from parent to child!  Judging that ASD is a neurological disorder, I bet individuals (like my parents) who have non-ASD mental health issues and/or neurological disorders are at a higher risk of developing ASD when they conceive.  In other words, their kids are more likely to be autistic.

My hypothesis is strong based on the current science.  My parents’ DNA mutated when I was conceived and I became ASD.

So I’m a mutant?

Do I get to join the X-Men?

ASD people do go to special schools.  Maybe Professor Xavier’s Institute is a front for ASD education.

Dibs on Rogue’s costume.