My Thoughts On Witchblade

Screen-Shot-2015-07-13-at-19.57.40-702x336I love comic books and graphic novels.   I’ve written my own graphic novel, in fact, for a young adult audience entitled Blood, Feather, and Stone, which I’m shopping around for some editors and/or an agent.  I learned a lot about the comics medium by reading thousands of comic books (I’ve kept a log) and one of the series I’ve enjoyed is Top Cow’s Witchblade.  I loved the strong female character, the premise, the weapon, and the mythos of the series.  It also has a TV and an anime series, which were how I was introduced to it.  Witchblade recently came to an end and I was interviewed for a roundtable at Women Write About Comics in the article, “Glove, Bracelet, Bikini, Halberd: Exit the Witchblade, For Good?” by Claire Napier.  Check it out!

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