Support Beyond Ink and Paint: The Women of Animation

Long time, no see or write Toon-In Talk fans!  A lot has happened to me in the past ten months.  I’ll write about that in another post, but one of the things that happened was something remarkable.  As a member of Women In Animation, I’m privy to a lot of really cool news, including this documentary directed by Christine Guest called Beyond Ink and Paint: The Women of Animation.

I am the first person since 1931 to write a comprehensive biography in English about Lotte Reiniger.  I am also the first person EVER to write a critical approach to Reiniger’s career in relation to the animation industry and puppetry community as a whole.  What does that mean? I read and wrote a lot and I did something before everyone else did.  Wait…FIRST!  It really means I’m one of the only experts on Lotte Reiniger in the world.

Apart from correcting 90% of available information about Reiniger, I can also speak with authority about her career.  Christine Guest knew she couldn’t make a documentary without mentioning Lotte Reiniger, so she interviewed me to speak about her career.  I’m going to have my own IMDB entry now!

Christine needs YOUR help to complete production on Beyond Ink and Paint: The Women of Animation.  Beyond Ink and Paint needs to raise $75,000.  Christine interviewed many big names for the documentary including moi, my friend Brenda Chapman, Darla K. Anderson, my other friend Yvette Kaplan, yet another friend Jinko Gotoh, Lauren Faust, Don Hahn, Emily Hubley, Candy Kugel, Lisa Goldman, Tracey Miller-Zarneke, and more.  Much like my book, Christine’s documentary is the first of it’s kind and it is important to acknowledge how far the animation industry has come.  See the trailer below and please support Beyond Ink and Paint:


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